Albizia Tree Information

The HPP Albizia Control Committee has drafted letters that can be sent to property owners whose lots have albizias and other dangerous trees.  There is a letter below for owners of lots with  trees that are hazardous as well as those that are non-hazardous.

If you don’t know the name or contact address of the property owner, go to the Hawaii County Property Tax Office and do a search.  It may be easiest to start with your property and go from there.  You can also call the tax office at (808) 961-8900 and they will help you.

You can download the letters below.

Non-hazardous trees

Hazardous trees

For more information –

Big Island Invasive Species Committee
Albizia Eradication Plan   
County Tree Ordinance
Senate Resolution
Civil Defense Information

With everyone’s help, we can stop the spread of these dangerous trees!