Human Resource Committee

Human Resources Committee:  Patty Egan (Dist.3), chair; Lanell Dillard, membership appointee; Keala Stant, membership appointee.

1. Human Resources Committee responsibilities:

   a. The committee responsibilities shall include such as delegated by the board and as described in the HPPOA Employee Handbook:

    (i) Conduct an annual review (by sampling) of processes and actions covered by the handbook to ensure compliance.

    (ii) Evaluate, no less than annually, the performance of the general manager and make a recommendation or report to the full board for its review and approval. 

    (iii) Evaluate justification for new positions when proposed and for existing positions as needed using the position descriptions and other necessary resources. 

   (iv) Review and document new and revised position descriptions in the standard format periodically and as needed. Revised position descriptions are documented by the HR Committee with the General Manager, and forwarded to the BOD for approval (per Employee Handbook section VIII A.3, dated 7/21/2021)

  Each position in HPPOA is evaluated annually by the Human Resource Committee using the position description as the primary basis for evaluation.  (This is an analysis of the position, not the employee filling that position)(per Employee Handbook section VIII.B.1., dated 7/21/2021)                                    

  (v) Serve as consultant to the Finance Committee in development of an annual merit increase budget.

   b. The committee shall be comprised of one board director and two Association members appointed by the   board.    c. Director members shall serve during the time of their term on the board. Association members shall serve for up to three years.

2. Human Resources Committee goals:

   A. Review and update all HPPOA position descriptions.  Establish review timelines and procedures.

   B.  Ensure exempt employees are submitting report at end of each pay period to their immediate supervisor which shows all full day absences with absence type, comp time taken, and earned vacation hours taken.  Ensure all non-exempt employees are accurately reporting overtime and Paid Time Off.

   C. Ensure New hire probation periods are appropriately documented with Orientation, 3-month review, 6-month review and one-year review.

   D.  Ensure current employee handbook and personnel policy is in compliance with State of Hawaii laws.