Equitable Use Road Fee Committee

The Equitable Use Road Fee Committee was nominated by the Membership at the February 26, 2017 General Membership Meeting.

There are no scheduled meeting dates or times available at this time.

HPP Equity Road Fees Committee Mission Statement

The purpose of the HPP Equity Road Fees Committee is to bring the attention of the members of HPPOA to the inequality of everyone paying the same fee for vastly different roads, and extreme differences in day to day quality of life on their land due to road conditions and materials on their street.

to share information and solutions to the discrepancy between materials on roads and the road fees paid for them,
testify to the fact that NOT all roads are created equal, therefore neither should our road fees be “one lot – one fee”…
and to the fact that the material used on our unpaved roads is a health hazard that needs to be addressed NOW!