Albizia Tree Information

The HPP Albizia Control Committee has drafted letters that can be sent to property owners whose lots have albizias and other dangerous trees.  There is a letter below for owners of lots with trees that are hazardous as well as those that are non-hazardous. The Committee has also drafted instruction to assist you with notification: Steps to Notify Owner of Hazardous Albizia Trees

If you don’t know the name or contact address of the property owner, go to the Hawaii County Property Tax Office and do a search.  It may be easiest to start with your property and go from there.  You can also call the tax office at (808) 961-8900 and they will help you.

You can download the letters below.

Non-hazardous trees

Hazardous Albizia Letter to Your Neighbor

For more information –

Big Island Invasive Species Committee
Albizia Eradication Plan   
County Tree Ordinance
Senate Resolution
Civil Defense Information

Contacts for tree removal:

Licensed or Certified Tree Arborists in East Hawaii

With everyone’s help, we can stop the spread of these dangerous trees!