Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a lot in HPP but I've never seen it. What's it like over there?

    HPP is beautiful and diverse! There are areas of tall trees and other areas that are more "open". There are wet areas as well as dry. The closer to the ocean, the drier it is. There are wild orchids growing everywhere. There are wild avocado, mango and guava trees. Some macadamia nut trees and papaya trees have been planted and quite a few nurseries have sprung up, mostly orchid farms as well as nurseries growing other exotic flowers. Look for a "Photos" page in the near future.

  • What's the weather like?

    Most of the time it is warm and sunny and in the 80s. We welcome the rain though, as it keeps the foliage green, the flowers blooming and our catchment tanks full!

  • Where is HPP located?

    The Directions page can give you a better idea of where we are located. We're about 20 minutes south of Hilo.

  • How large is HPP?

    HPP is 4 miles long and 3 miles wide, consisting of about 137 miles of roadways and 8850 lots.

  • What's the average lot size?

    The average one acre rectangular lot measures 322.67 ft x 135 ft . The lots nearest the ocean are generally half that.

  • What is the zoning in HPP?

    Hawaiian Paradise Park is zoned "Ag-1" (Agricultural 1 acre).

  • Is there water & power in HPP?

    Most of the residences use the "catchment system" of collecting water run-off from the roof of the house into a large tank somewhere on the lot. It sounds primitive, but most people prefer it since they can control what goes into their water as opposed to what the county adds. It works very well except during our rare drought periods. Then folks buy water to fill their tanks. Most tanks hold at least 10,000 gallons of water. Some of the roads closest to the highway have county water and a few people down by the ocean have drilled wells. There is electricity throughout the subdivision although there are some areas with no houses and therefor no power poles.

  • When will there be waterlines throughout the subdivision?

    Probably not in the near future. Other than the County-installed waterline to the Firestation on 21st @ Paradise Drive no new waterlines are being approved in HPP due to the fact that the pipes that carry the water down unpaved roads are very likely to suffer damage from traffic. Even if the pipes are buried the required 18 inches, that depth is quickly lessened after rain and other eroding factors take their toll. Because the waterlines cross the road lands, the association may be held liable for repair if the pipes break. The cost of that kind and amount of repair is too much for the association to bear.

  • What are the roads like?

    The four main roads are paved from the highway down to the ocean. Since the subdivision has gotten so much more traffic in the past few years, the Association has stopped using packed cinders and has started laying "3/4 base" which lasts a lot longer and creates less dust than cinder.

  • Why do we have to pay an annual Road Maintenance fee?

    HPP is a private subdivision and receives no money from the State or County of Hawaii to maintain the common areas, including roads. The Hawaii State Supreme Court ruled that it is the responsibility of all lot owners to pay an annual road maintenance fee, the amount of which is to be determined by the Board of Directors. The fees are used for grading & material replacement on the lateral roads, the repair of the paved main roads, mowing & other types of vegetation control, sign repair and replacement, the removal of dead animals and rubbish left on the road sides, insurance & tree trimming.

  • Why do the fees increase each year?

    There are close to 6000 houses in HPP today with at least two cars per household. With such an increase in traffic, maintenance, material and fuel for the equipment is far more costly today.   The annual fee for 2022 is $396.00 or $1.08 per day per lot!

  • Why do people with undeveloped lots have to pay the same amount as those with developed lots?

    The annual road fees you pay are not used to maintain just the road in front of your lot. It pays for maintaining access throughout the subdivisions from the highway to the ocean on the four main paved roads as well as the lateral roads from end to end. The fact that the road in front of your property is maintained not only provides you access to your property, but adds value to your investment. Someday you may want to build on your lot or sell it. In any event you or your agent will need to be able to access your property.

  • Do you have a road maintenance fee discount for Senior Citizens.

    No. It would be logistically impossible to keep track of the ages of our owners, especially the ones who do not live here. And if a senior discount were given to one, it would have to be given to other groups of people with special circumstances. The maintenance is the same for all roads and all owners.

  • Will the roads ever get paved?

    A study has been done showing the most efficient way to get the roads paved and a timetable for completion of such a project. The General Manager is working within the budget created by the Executive Committee with the funds available and at this time that budget doesn't include much for paving.

    In April 2008 there was a four phase paving project started and completed. The Association couldn't borrow enough to pave all the roads, so they did as much as possible with the money available. More information will be available on the front page of the website as available.

  • How can I find out what's going on in HPP?

    Ways to find out what's happening in the subdivision are: check our website often for updates, attend meetings if you live in HPP, and/or read the approved minutes of Board and Membership meetings. If you have questions, please check with the HPPOA office to get the information you need. There is also a link on the front page of this site to the Subdivision's Newsletter, "The Conch". It is published three times per year and has a lot of the information you are looking for.

  • I don't know where my lot is, but I have the TMK and the Block & Lot number. Can you help?

    We have a large map in the office that we can check for you or you can log on to the  County of Hawaii Real property website and search there.

  • Are there Covenants and Restrictions in HPP?

    No.  The building restrictions in HPP are those of the Hawaii County Planning Department.  Whatever you build or plant must be within your propery lines.  No driveways are to be built out onto a main roadway.

  • I just moved to HPP. How do I get a mailbox? How do I get a physical address for deliveries to my door?

    You need to contact the Keaau Post Office 1-800-275-8777 to get your mailbox. You can also walk in and talk to one of the friendly folks at the Keaau Post Office and they will help you. With the huge influx of new residents, mailboxes (both streetside cluster boxes as well as boxes at the Post Office) are in short supply.

    You need to contact the County Planning Department at 808-961-8288 with your TMK (Tax Map Key) to get your physical address. You wiil not be given a "physical" address until you pull a permit for construction.

  • Who can I call to remove dangerous Albizia and other trees?

    These are links to some of the tree cutting companies in the area from Google.

  • What Lava Zone is HPP located in?

    HPP is in Lava Zone 3. For more information click here.