Aloha Members,

I’m proud to report the following progress since our last report in December 2022.


  • We have hired a second person in the office, Barbara Lively, who will be handling the administration of our liens, foreclosures and tracking all maintenance requests.
  • We have hired Zile, a new employee, who will take care of our Activity Center and the grounds around the office on a part time basis.
  • We now have access to all our systems which gives us the ability to fully service our homeowners again and accept credit card payments.
  • Our January 1st Bond payment was made on time, tax returns have been filed, all bills have been paid and all accounts have been reconciled.
  • We began the billing statement process and have generated all statements for the owners.
  • The Board discussed whether a Management Company would be a better solution than hiring a General Manager to run HPPOA. The Board voted to continue with the search for a GM. The GM position has been posted on the Indeed site. We have 5 candidates so far and will begin interviews at the end of this month. We hope to be able to vote on and hire a GM at the February 15th meeting, with a March 1 start date.
  • The board voted to accept a bid for $1738 from Office Max to print, fold and stuff the annual statements with the President’s letter and a survey. All items have now been delivered to them to begin the process. This will avoid the need for volunteers as we had the last mailing.
  • I am happy to say, as a team we have been able to keep things on track and have serviced our owners as needed.


  • We have awarded the 4th Ave paving job to Civil Construction. They will start soon to prep the road for paving between Makuu and Kaloli.
  • Jon Loehndorf, District 4 Representative and Interim GM, reported he has been investigating reports made by owners and managing the road crew to keep the maintenance of our roads moving forward.

  • Our water truck has been working overtime watering our roads, but only 1 mile of roads can be done per load. Our current capacity is approximately 7 miles per day, so please know that if your road gets water today, it will not be watered again till all the other roads are watered. Remember during dry times, driving 10 MPH on unpaved roads will help keep the dust down.
  • The board voted to move 5% of the road fees collected this year to the Non-roads account.

Forensic Analysis

  • Dirk Von Guenther spoke with the board and updated us that the first phase is complete. Over 7,000 items have been logged and he wants to meet with a team of members and board members to review what has been completed and see if further review is necessary in any area. That meeting will be in the next 3 weeks, TBD.


  • The Board reviewed a bid of $29k to put canopies over the mailboxes being stored onsite and declined to move forward with it. We will purchase tarps and cover the pallets ourselves for less than $1k.
  • The board voted to meet with Malamalama Waldorf School to review their lease and see if we can get 6 of our 20 acres back for use with mailboxes.
  • We have spoken with the Post Office about the Mailbox project and they have requested 4-6 locations for the boxes. They requested the first 2 sites of 4th and Kaloli and 6th and Makuu be completed before we begin the remainder. They will begin the assigning of the street addresses, which is their first step, and we will work on site plans to present to them. Once all have been approved, we will go out to bid for a contractor to clear the sites and put up the structures. Each lot will be assigned a mailbox when the project is complete.


  • Our website is getting back up to speed thanks to Katherine Patton, with information that we didn’t have knowledge how to post. You can find the latest Audit report, Minutes and other reports on the website.
  • Katherine is also working on creating e-forms to make it easier for owners to report road maintenance requests, information and document requests and apply for board openings.
  • A new colorful District Map has been created and uploaded to the website.


Committee Updates:

  • Finance Committee has 2 openings, if interested contact Jon at the office
  • Bylaws Committee will meet February 25 in the library
  • Nominating Committee met January 11. Banners are hung and the committee is starting to solicit candidates for the up coming election in June. Next meeting January 28 at 9:00am in the Library.
  • Land Use Committee will meet February 14 at noon in the Library. The board voted to increase the board from 5 to 7 members, 2 being board members. If interested contact the office.
  • Human Resources Committee asked for Billie Jo (BJ) Heck to be appointed to replace Lanell Lau. They will have the Employee Handbook ready for approval at the February 15th board meeting. They are also working on job descriptions for Road Crew and Maintenance/Grounds positions.
  • Membership Meeting Committee will be January 23 at 2:00pm via Zoom. If interested in attending, contact the office.
  • Cultural Preservation Committee meets the 2nd Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm in the Library each month.
  • Neighborhood Watch meets the 1st Saturday of each month 9:00am at Activity Center, Swap Meet is the 2nd Saturday of each month from 7:00am-11:00am at Activity Center and Classes on the 3rdSaturday of each month at 9:00am in Activity Center. February’s class is the Gardening class.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support. I am proud to live in this great community.

Kari Hoffman, President