How the Road Maintenance Fees Are Used

Hawaiian Paradise Park is a privately maintained subdivision. As we do not have the same resources as a public, county-maintained subdivision, having the appropriate funds for materials and labor to repair our roadways is critical.

This annual fee covers the Bond payment for the Bonds taken out to pave the existing paved roads in addition to expenses such as salaries, liability insurance, sign repair and replacement, dust abatement, equipment fuel, maintenance and repair, vegetation control and mowing, rubbish and dead animal removal on roads and easements, abandoned vehicle removal as well as the overall maintenance of the road surfaces and the cost of materials.

HPPOA is prohibited from removing any vehicles, brush, trees, trash, etc. from any privately-owned property. We cannot handle police, fire or animal control matters. Please call the appropriate agency for these.

All emergencies – 911

Police – non-emergency 935-3311
Fire – non-emergency 932-2900
Humane Society – 966-5458