Neighborhood Watch

You are your neighbors’ best friend and a criminals’ worst enemy.

Your eyes, ears and awareness are the best protection your neighborhood has against criminals who would steal your possessions, vandalize your home and disrupt the tranquility of your family.

Do you work? Does your neighbor work? Who is looking out for your interest while you are gone? The family pooch isn’t always the answer.

Are you familiar with your neighbor’s vehicles, the color, year or make? Would you know if a strange vehicle cruised your neighborhood? That strange vehicle may be a thief deciding which house would be easiest to rip off.

It’s nice to know the guy next door is paying attention to who parks in your driveway when you’re not home, or if someone is making inquiries about your habits under the guise of an acquaintance or an official.

Neighborhood Watch is YOU being that interested neighbor. We’d like you to join us. Look out for yourself and your neighbor and your neighbor will look out for you.

Neighborhood Watch meetings are held at the Hawaiian Paradise Park Community Center, Maku’u & 17th, 9:00 AM the first Saturday of the month.

Here is where you can talk with a representative of the police about the safety of your home, find out how many burglaries have occurred in our park and if there are vehicles, or people, you should be aware of. Learn about suspected drug activity near you. Come find out and get answers to your questions.

Is your house number where it can be easily seen from the road? How will the police, or medical help find you? Display your house number!

  • HPP SWAP MEET: 2nd Saturday each month @ 7 -11 am @ HPP Activity Center
  • HPP NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Meeting 1st Saturday of each month @ 9 am in Library
    Contact: Judi Houle at