Annual Road Fees


2023 Road Fees – $396.00

Annual Road Maintenance Fees  1977-2022

Owners who have moved or transferred their property but have not notified us of a new mailing address or a new owner are asked to please do so immediately so that we may update our database.

Statements are mailed in January every year and payment is due on or before April 1 every year in order to avoid finance charges. If you did not receive a bill at the start of the year, please do not assume that it is because we did not send out your bill in January. If you were in our database, a bill was sent to the address we had on file at that time.


All properties are subject to a $300 transfer fee per lot at the time that property transfers ownership.

Owners who have a balance owing for two or more years for road maintenance fees are subject to having a lien placed on their property. A lien will add an additional $200 in filing fees to your account balance. This lien, attorney and other accumulated fees and interest may hinder the transfer of property title and lessen profits of a sale for those considering selling their property in the future.

Although we prefer not to put a lien on a property, it is sometimes our only recourse. We have to ensure that all lot owners pay their fair share of the subdivision’s maintenance costs. While the HPPOA Amended Bylaws do give the Association the authority to foreclose liened properties, foreclosure will be considered as the very last option to collect a debt after five years of non-payment.

Only those owners whose fees are paid in full will have the opportunity to vote on important HPPOA issues and elections.

Owners with a large balance due may choose to set up a monthly payment plan. Please call the office at 808-966-4500 for details regarding payment plans. To facilitate timely payments, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner’s Club and JCB cards only.

Please be advised that interest is added at the end of each month. Please contact the office at 808-966-4500 to find out your current amount due.