General Membership Motions 2014

General Membership Meeting MOTION LOG 6-29-14

Motion to approve the Agenda by Roger Hanson, secondedby [Unintelligible- maybe Bill or Phil W– -ke?] – NOTE: After Multiple listening passes to the recording in an attempt to decipher what the gentleman stated or spelled out was his name, there was No Name even remotely similar to what is heard, to be found on sign-in sheet)].Majority in favor. Motion carried.

Motion to approve February 23, 2014 minutes by Debbie Koval, seconded by [Phil or Bill? Same UNINTELLIGIBLE NAME who approved Agenda]– Majority in favor. Motion Carried.

Motion by Dick Koval seconded by James Weatherford to make the time limit of owner input for 3 minutes. Majority in favor. Motion carried.

Dick Koval motioned to elect all six volunteers to the Finance committee; Roger Hanson seconded – Majority in Favor. Motion carried.

Motion by June Conant to apply for a permit by rule for the green waste and for solid waste; seconded by James Weatherford Favor: 15; AGAINST: 40 – Motion didn’t pass.

General Membership Meeting MOTION LOG 10-26-2014

Roseanne McClean (District 8) motioned to approve Agenda. Dr. Jo Maynard (District 5), seconded. Vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.

Bonnie Hoenfiled motioned to approve the General Membership meeting minutes of June 29th 2014, Sandra Collins, seconded. Vote:Yes-33, No-20, Abstain-6 Motion carried.

Heather McHale motioned to add three minutes of verbal owner’s input in all special BOD meetings. Steve Crawford, seconded. Vote: Yes-34, No-37. Motion failed.

Rod Thompson moved to have his proposal moved to bylaws committee: vote yes-19, no-21 . motion did not carry.

Rod Thompson motioned to form a Bylaws Committee. Vote: Yes-45, No-4. Motion carried.